Extra Cakes Mod


Extra Cakes Mod – More and more cakes, because who doesn’t love a world filled with cake?

The Extra Cakes Mod is exactly like what it sounds. It adds more cakes! It gives Minecraft adds ten new cakes with a unique effects. The better the effects, the harder it is to get the ingredients. The base for crafting the cake is pretty much the same except for some parts are changed with that special item that makes the cake what it is. The author made a special cake for you redstone addicts out there. There is a redstone cake that can be connected with other redstone dust and create a regular circuit while looking fancy and delicious. The mod gives you some easy to make cakes with some effects that you can really just play around with, while the cakes with tougher to get ingredients have higher effects for fighting or mining.

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Extra Cakes Mod

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Hello there Everybody! I am Joseph, or BlueOrchard, the owner of Minecraft Modding. I mainly direct the Minecraft Mods and Minecraft Maps sections, but I occasionally do server reviews too.