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Extra Options Mod – Unlock special options for your game, making your life twenty times easier!

Some tasks in Minecraft are kind of tedious. For example, whenever you play single player, and decide to go to multiplayer, you will have to wait for the loading screen once again. In addition to that, if you wanted to change your texture pack, you will have to exit the server or world you’re on in order to change it. Even more loading screens!

Thanks to this mod, you will no longer have to even go back to the main menu! The extra options mod is a mod that adds several new options in the game that make simple tasks, such as switching your texture pack, much easier and more efficient. This can be achieved because this mod adds a new button in the pause/game menu.

From the extra options menu, you are presented with five buttons. Those buttons include:

  • Texture Pack
    • Allows you to switch between your texture packs with ease.
  • Select World
    • Allows you to select a single player world to switch to, all without even having to go back to the main menu.
  • Screenshots
    • Allows you to view the screenshots you recently took.
  • New World
    • Allows you to create a new single player world.
  • Multiplayer Options
    • Allows you to join a server, regardless of where you’re at (single player world, other multiplayer server, etc.)
    • Allows you to switch to your single player world,regardless of where you’re at (single player world, other multiplayer server, etc.)
    • Allows you to clear the chat, in the case that it gets spam.

As you can see, you are presented with several options, and each provide a use that is bound to make better use of your time! Let’s say, for example, and I do not support the use of this, you decide to use an x-ray texture pack, because the server you go to can detect x-ray mods. However, without this mod, switching back and forth between texture packs is incredibly tedious, and admins will start to get suspicious. Thanks to this mod, you can now switch between the texture packs easily!

All in all, this mod is a great mod, and is recommended for people who think going back to the main menu is a waste of time. In fact, I recommend this mod for everyone! Some of the features in this mod should be in the stock version of Minecraft in my opinion.

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Extra Options Mod

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