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Familiars Mod – Do you ever feel lonely sometimes in single player? Looking for a friend? Well find a mini friend with this mod!

The Familiars Mod adds a book to craft that contains information about familiars. They add familiars which are miniature mobs, old and new, that fly around you. It seems pointless, but not only do they fly around you, they give you certain powers depending on what familiar you summon out of the book. For instance, you want to summon a chicken as your familiar, its effect would make you glide from a height and reduce the damage you would take from landing.

Another familiar would help you sprint much faster. Each familiar is different with its own looks and effects. The types of familiars and bend the physics of the game, help you on the offense, or just there to annoy you. There are also some unlockable familiars that combine the effects of two familiars together to make one ultimate effect.

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Familiars Mod

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