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Fancy Fences Mod – Add more fences into your game with this mod! No longerwillyou limited to wood for fences, or cobblestone for cobblestone walls!

I find it very unfair that the only material that has the luxury of being able to become a nice looking wall is cobblestone. When you put 6 pieces of cobblestone into a crafting table, similar to how you would with a fence, only with sticks, you get a cobblestone wall, which is a very nice looking wall. The only problem though, is that it’s cobblestone, and cobblestone doesn’t look as nice compared to other items, such as bricks.

This mod aims to fix that. theFancy Fences Mod is a mod that allows you to craftmorewalls out of other materials, such as stone brick, brick, and sandstone. This can allow for some more creativity, and better looking structures. If you ask me, this mod can be one way to really sellyourcreations.

For example, let’s say you made a house completely out of sandstone, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. The problem, however, is that there’s not a single border around the house, and using sandstone to surround the house doesn’t really look right because of the fact that it’s too think. You can use cobblestone walls to create aborder, but it won’t really fit in with the themeofthe house. Your only option now would be to use fences, but fences looks weird when stacked vertically, and on top of that, they don’t fit with the sandy theme as nicely. Thanks to this mod, you can just use sandstone walls! The walls look like they are from the vanilla game too, so that means that the walls fit in perfectly with the theme!

In conclusion, this mod is great, and is meant for people with creative minds.

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Fancy Fences Mod

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