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Fancy Glass Mod-have you ever wanted to build with glass but when you do it looks wrong? Well with Fancy Glass youdon’thave to worry about that.

Have you ever had the desire to build a structure out of glass but when you finish it doesn’t look the way you pictured it? Well now with the Fancy glass mod you have different kinds of glass you have a large variety glass to choose from. The fancy glass mod adds fifteen new colors for glass, and adds ten different kinds of glass. The colors for glass are black, red, green, brown, blue, purple, turquoise, dark gray, light gray, Orange, pink, yellow, light blue, light green, dark pink. The new blocks and objects that you can now make out of glass and dye are glass bricks, cracked glass bricks, chiseled glass bricks, glass brick slab, cracked glass brick slab, chiseled class brick slab, glass rod, glass torches, glass ladders and glass doors. What you could build with the Fancy glass mod varies from a glass fortress to a green house.

I recommend this mod for people who enjoy building with glass but want more out of it and are not happy with the way the structures appear. It a make your houses stand or more or can serve as a form of camouflage whichever you prefer. You could also build a large cathedral and decorate it with stained glass windows. You can use the light green glass and the black glass to create a huge transparent creeper. Another good idea would be to create a large blue dome under water which will disguise it from above while the people inside can see everything clearly. You can do multiple things with this mod and would be great for indoor farming.

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Fancy Glass Mod

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