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Fancy GUI Mod – Ever wanted Minecraft to have more elegant start and pause screens? Then this mod is for you!

The Fancy GUI Mod is a mod for Minecraft that switches your regular start menu and pause menu with a more elegant GUI. The mod also removes those unstylish grey buttons, and replaces them with just text in the left and right corners, making it look more minimalistic. This gives the impression that Minecraft was a game made by Valve, since it looks very similar to the GUI that’s in the Valve games, such as Left4Dead and Counter Strike: Source.

Anyways, this mod also has a somewhat practical use, even though it’s a small one. If you look at the pause screen (screenshot below), you will see that the viewing area is clear, and is unobstructed, meaning that this mod allows you to see what is going on, even when the game is paused. This is useful for when you are running low on food, and don’t have enough food to roam around. Instead of running back home, you can pause the screen, and scout the area for a faster way home, or to look out for any threats and ways around them without wasting your hunger.

Other than that though, this mod is more or less a visual mod that doesn’t really affect your game. I would recommend this mod to people who would like to see a more artistic and more professional GUI in Minecraft. Now for some screenshots.

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Fancy GUI Mod

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