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Finite Liquid Mod – Ever wanted Minecraft water to have more realistic physics to it? Like being able to drain ponds and make puddles when it rains? Then this mod is for you!

The Finite Liquid Mod is a mod for Minecraft that gives the water a more realistic flow. This means that rather than having and unlimited flow of water, the water will balance out, just as if it were in real life. The only unlimited water resource is ocean water, which is similar to Minecraft classic water physics (yeah, the ones where a single block of water can flood the whole map), and all other water entities acquired will act like regular Finite liquid water, and will balance out. Also, thanks to this mod, sponges can now be acquired legitimately and are actually very useful now! Sponges can now be found in the ocean floor, and rather than just not allowing water to get near it like what stock Minecraft would, it actually sucks up water and is essentially a bucket on steroids. Now for a couple of screenshots showing off the mod.

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Finite Liquid Mod

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