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Fireplace Mod – Thanks to this mod, you can now have a fireplace without the fear of burning your house down!

The Fireplace Mod is a mod for Minecraft that, well, allows you to set a fireplace in inside your house. The good thing about this mod though, is that it won’t set your house on fire, unlike traditional fireplaces. That’s not all this mod does though. The Fireplace mod also adds several other devices such as firepits, fire rings, and grills. Another unique thing is that this mod allows you to craft the various devices with 13 different materials, including gold, diamond, stone brick, regular brick, and much more. Survival-wise, this mod doesn’t really have a use other than the grill being able to cook 4 things at once, but nevertheless, this mod is great for the aesthetic part of your house. Now for some screenshots.

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Fireplace Mod

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