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Flash Shelter – Ever had a time in Minecraft where you needed a quick place to live in, but you only have a limited amount of resources? Then this mod is for you!

The Flash Shelter mod is a mod for Minecraft that allows you to deploy a small shelter where you can live in. This is great for emergency situations, like if you didn’t have a home, decided to go mining, but you fell in lava. This means that you won’t have any resources. Now imagine if the sun was starting to set. You’re now on a race against time to gather resources so you won’t be homeless during the night. Thanks to this mod,you could probably gather the small mount of required resources in probably around 1 t0 2 minutes. I mean, the hardest thing you will need to find is coal, and you can easily make charcoal (same thing as coal). Anyways, let’s get into the crafting recipes of the mod.

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Flash Shelter Mod

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