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Ah, the big city. I always loved the big city. From the heavy traffic, to the people who are busily trying to get to work. Most people would say that this is appalling, but for some reason, it is rather enjoyable to watch. However, that’s not all that makes a city, well, a city. There’s other items as well, such as ATM machines, computers, and escalators. “Where can I find a mod like this?” You may ask.

Well, there’s theFlenixCities Mod! TheFlenixCities Mod is a mod that makes Minecraft have a more urban-esque atmosphere. This mod adds several new items and blocks, ranging from computers, to HDTV’s, to even escalators. This mod is the whole set. If you really wanted to, you could make all of New York with just this mod!

This mod is meant for the creative type really, because this mod pretty much only adds aesthetics, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it has no effect to the survival portion of Minecraft. If one really wanted to, they could create a “The Last of Us” map, complete with zombie spawners and such, and attempt to survive the city, which can be successfully created with this mod.

All in all, theFlenixCities Mod is a pretty nice mod, and is recommended for anyone who would like to see an urban environment in their game, or would like to have a PC in their game so they could play Minecraft while they play Minecraft (yo dawg!).

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