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Flint in Minecraft has always been pretty lacking. Theres almost no other use to them besides flint and steel, and arrows for your bow. Even though those two are fairly useful, they only have one use. Other than that, theres absolutely no other use for them, which is kind of saddening.

Thankfully, theres a mod that fixes this, and its called the FlintCraft mod. The FlintCraft mod is a mod that makes it so flint has several more uses. Some examples include sharpened flint tools, sharpened flint swords, and tempered flint armor.

In order to craft sharpened flint, all you need to do is make a right triangle in the crafting table with normal flint. This should yield 2 pieces of sharpened flint. Once you acquire the sharpened flint, you can either make sharpened tools, or a sharpened flint sword. Sharpened flint tools are just as powerful as diamond, cut as fast as gold, but have a very low durability. Sharpened flint swords are the same, in that they are just as powerful as a diamond sword, but also have very low durability.

Tempered flint can be made by placing normal flint into the furnace. With tempered flint, you can make tempered armor, which is better than iron, but worse than diamond, in both terms of protection and durability. This is useful for those times where you find a large amount of flint, and would rather make something else as opposed to flint and steel and bows and arrows- basically, you want to create a more defensive item that utilizes flint.

All in all, this mod is pretty nice, and is recommended for anyone who would like to give flint more uses, or would just like to have really powerful tools and armor at a lower cost.


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