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Are you sick of having to run up to mobs to attack? Are other ranged weapon mods not good enough for you well with Flintlock Weapons Mod it as real as it gets. The Flintlock Weapons mod adds four new ranged weapons the pistol, the double barelled pistol, the revolver and the musket. This mod also adds two different kinds of ammunition the buck shot and the round shot. The buck shot shoots a spray of bulletsand can only be shot from a pistol and a double barreled pistol. The round bullet shoots a single bullet and can be shot from all weapons. Now to tell you what the the guns can do, the pistol shoots one shot and must be reloaded, the double barreled pistol has two shots and then must be reloaded, the revolver which has six shots then must be reloaded.

The musket that has one shot but is extremely accurate compared to the other weapons, it also includes a bayonet if you want to get up close. To reload your weapons you must reload in your inventory screen, the musket take up more gun powder to reload than any other weapon. All guns are a one hit kill, except for the buck shot which the damage is unpredictable when it comes to damage. What you could do with this mod can go from a simple monster hunt, to an all out war with your friends. I recommend this mod for people who likes to use ranged weapons and wants to have a lot easier time with mobs.




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Flintlock Weapons Mod

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