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Floating Items Mod – Have you ever had a time where you dropped something valuable in very deep water? As in water so deep that you will drown? Then you should definitely check this mod out!

The Floating Items Mod is a mod for Minecraft that, you guessed it, makes items float when they get dropped into the water. This mod is extremely useful for when you accidentally drop something in water so deep that you can’t retrieve it if you didn’t have this mod installed. Let’s put a real Minecraft scenario in play. Let’s say you are on top of cliff near your house. Now let’s say you’re there during midnight. Now let’s say you’re being chased by a gang of creepers, and the only way to escape is to jump into the small, yet deep lake at the bottom of the cliff. Now, let’s say you missed the lake by one block, and all your stuff fell into the deep lake. without this mod, you would have kissed those items goodbye. Thanks to this mod, you can respawn back at your house and retrieve most of the items! See how useful this mod is?

This mod is extremely useful survival-wise. In fact, it’s pro-survival. As shown in the example and explanation above, this mod is extremely useful, and is very practical for the average Minecraft player. Now for some screenshots of the mod.

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Floating Items Mod

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