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Do you want to add new ruins into your game? If so then the Floating ruins mod is the mod for you. this mod adds 6 new Ruins for you to explore and what makes them even better is that they are floating. The way the ruins look depend on the region and what location it generates in, for example in a mushroom biome there is a floating island with a large mushroom house. In the desert a pyramid like ruin is likely to be found, in the plains you can find an island with a stonebrick and wood house on it. In snowy areas you can find a island with an igloo on it, in the jungle you can find a cobblestone ruin, and in regular forest you can find an island with a stone ruin and a tree on it. Depending if water is nearby, a ruin may have water falling off of it making it a little easier for you to reach it, this is the same for a ruin that has spawned near lava it may have lava fall pouring out of it so be careful. To easily reach one of these ruins can stack dirt or stone whichever you prefer underneath yourself as you jump or you can swim up using the water that may be pouring out, and if you are to lazy for that you can also go creative and fly up there. One other thing you can do is once you reached a ruin you can build your own house up there, it will make it a lot harder for hostile mobs to bother you.



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Floating Ruins Mod

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