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Flowers Mod – Add more flowers in your game! Make your game more color and beautiful!

Ever thought that your world in Minecraft was a little empty, and you wish you could make it look prettier somehow? Then this mod has got you covered. though flowers mod is a mod that adds about 14 new flowers that naturally generate throughout all the biomes.

I always thought that the game’s biomes were a little plain and boring. They were essentially colorless, and were mostly just green. Thanks to this mod, most of the biomes will now have more color, such as white, orange, purple, brown, pink, and even grey! On top of that, you can actually use these flowers to dye your wool! no longer will you have to spend countless hours of strip mining, trying to find Lapis Lazuli, just to have a blue floor.

So I guess you can say this mod has some survival use to it to. in my opinion, it is a whole lot easier just roaming the land for a certain flower, rather than spending a long time underground trying to find a couple orders, if you’re lucky.

All in all, this mod is great for anyone who would like to add more flowers into their game. Now for some screenshots of the mod.

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Flowers Mod

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