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Fuel Mod – Use less resources when smelting your items!

Do you want to save resources when you are smelting items? Then the fuel mod is for you, this item is even more effective then a lava bucket, this item that can smelt two sixty-four stacks of any item such as sand for glass, ores and what not. So you still have to go mining but you wont need the same amount of coal that you would normally need to smelt 64 items. Once you craft it, it will be a block all you need to do is place that block in the furnace and your set until it burns out, butthat’san easy fix.

What i wouldexperiment with this mod is if it would work with a poweredmine cart that would beextremelyuseful, wellill leave it up to you to come up with ideas fr this mod other than smelting of coarse. The crafting recipe is in the screenshot section below. i apologize for not having a video to post with this article i could not find any.

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Fuel Mod

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