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Do you feel as you are limited to the area you are given in minecraft? If so then Galacticraft is for you, you can explore the darkestcrevices of the moon, you can roam the red deserts of mars. This mod adds eight items that will assist you on your travels, and eleven planets you can explore. The items that are added are the Nasa work bench which you use to craft your shuttles, the launchpad which is required for you to launch your shuttle, the portable oxygen system that allows you to breath in deep space, rocket fuel which you need to fuel your shuttle or your not going anywhere, oxygen distribution system which allows you to breathe ondifferentplanets that do not have oxygen. This mod also adds sensor goggles that detect lifeforms and ore onforeignplanets, parachutes which you need to land planets or you willplummetto the unknown, the last item that is at your disposal is the flags which you can place down to mark your territory. So now with the Galacticraft mod you can explore what you would have never been able to explore normally, so build a castle on a lonesome planet, build a space station, kill aliens or be killed. There is also evolved creatures from your home planet, the evolved creatures are the zombie, creeper, skeleton, and zombie. The onlydifferencebetween the two is that they have helmets made from glass to breathe, also beware some of the lifeforms on some planets, you may bring something home you do not want,and remember no one can hear you scream in space.



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Galacticraft Mod

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1.7.2 1.7.10
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Hello there Everybody! I am Joseph, or BlueOrchard, the owner of Minecraft Modding. I mainly direct the Minecraft Mods and Minecraft Maps sections, but I occasionally do server reviews too.

  • fuzzygamer

    Help, client 1.2.4 crashes
    When I add modloader and your more pistons mod.

    26-Mar-2012 2:59:28 AM ModLoader initFINE: ModLoader 1.2.4 Initializing…26-Mar-2012 2:59:28 AM ModLoader readFromClassPathFINER: Adding mods from C:Users…….AppDataRoaming.minecraftbinminecraft.jar26-Mar-2012 2:59:28 AM ModLoader readFromClassPathFINER: Zip found.26-Mar-2012 2:59:28 AM ModLoader setupPropertiesFINER: autoBlockIdResolver set to false26-Mar-2012 2:59:28 AM ModLoader setupPropertiesFINER: idBlockDoublePistonBase set to 21026-Mar-2012 2:59:28 AM ModLoader setupPropertiesFINER: idBlockDoubleStickyPistonBase set to 21126-Mar-2012 2:59:28 AM ModLoader setupPropertiesFINER: idBlockTriplePistonBase set to 21226-Mar-2012 2:59:28 AM ModLoader setupPropertiesFINER: idBlockTripleStickyPistonBase set to 21326-Mar-2012 2:59:28 AM ModLoader setupPropertiesFINER: idBlockQuadPistonBase set to 21426-Mar-2012 2:59:28 AM ModLoader setupPropertiesFINER: idBlockQuadStickyPistonBase set to 21526-Mar-2012 2:59:28 AM ModLoader setupPropertiesFINER: idBlockGravitationalPistonBase set to 21626-Mar-2012 2:59:28 AM ModLoader setupPropertiesFINER: idBlockPistonExtension set to 21726-Mar-2012 2:59:28 AM ModLoader setupPropertiesFINER: idBlockPistonRod set to 21826-Mar-2012 2:59:28 AM ModLoader addOverrideFINER: addOverride(/terrain.png,/morePistons/doublePistonExtension.png,168). 31 left.26-Mar-2012 2:59:28 AM ModLoader addOverrideFINER: addOverride(/terrain.png,/morePistons/doublePistonSide.png,169). 30 left.26-Mar-2012 2:59:28 AM ModLoader addOverrideFINER: addOverride(/terrain.png,/morePistons/doublePistonBack.png,170). 29 left.26-Mar-2012 2:59:28 AM ModLoader addModFINE: Failed to load mod from “mod_MorePistons.class”26-Mar-2012 2:59:28 AM ModLoader addModFINER: THROWjava.lang.NoSuchMethodError: aax.(IIZ)V at BlockDoublePistonBase.( at MorePistons.( at mod_MorePistons.( at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance0(Native Method) at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance(Unknown Source) at sun.reflect.DelegatingConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance(Unknown Source) at java.lang.reflect.Constructor.newInstance(Unknown Source) at java.lang.Class.newInstance0(Unknown Source) at java.lang.Class.newInstance(Unknown Source) at ModLoader.addMod( at ModLoader.readFromClassPath( at ModLoader.init( at ModLoader.addAllRenderers( at ahu.( at ahu.( at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.a(SourceFile:267) at at Source)26-Mar-2012 2:59:38 AM ModLoader readFromModFolderFINER: Adding mods from C:UsersShawn.IBIZNET.000AppDataRoaming.minecraftmods1.2.326-Mar-2012 2:59:38 AM ModLoader readFromModFolderFINER: Directory found.26-Mar-2012 2:59:38 AM ModLoader readFromModFolderFINER: Adding mods from C:UsersShawn.IBIZNET.000AppDataRoaming.minecraftmods1.2.426-Mar-2012 2:59:38 AM ModLoader readFromModFolderFINER: Directory found.26-Mar-2012 2:59:38 AM ModLoader addAllRenderersFINE: Initialized

    • The version was for 1.2.3. I updated the post with new download links. Try redownloading it and installing it now.

      • fuzzygamer

        Hello BlueOrchard,

        Thanks for your quick response, Yes modloader and more pistons installs with NO errors.

        Question how do you use it. I went to crafting and made a piston, then tried to make a double piston and the recept box doesn’t show anything.

        Will mods in general, work on Multiplayer, were doing a team building castle thing.

  • Geert.Vieren1

    itd not work  :[ my minecraft trasht