Giant Mushroom Spawn Mod


Giant Mushroom Spawn Mod – Allow for Giant mushrooms to spawn everywhere thanks to this mod!

Ever hated how giant mushrooms never spawn anymore, aside from the rare mooshroom biome, which is practically impossible to fine in survival? Well, thanks to this mod, you can still reap the benefits of giant mushrooms once more!

“Once more? What do you mean?” By once more, I meant that giant mushrooms used to spawn everywhere given that there is enough space for it to spawn during the good old beta 1.8.1 days, also known as the “adventure update”. As of 1.0.0, however, the Mojang team decided to limit this ability to only mooshroom biomes. As stated before, mooshroom biomes areincrediblyrare, and are 9 times out of 10, very far away from where you set your house up. Why go through that effort in order to admire maybe a couple giant mushrooms?

Well, you don’t have to go through all that effort thanks to this mod. What this mod does is modifies the current spawn system that Minecraft has, and makes it so giant red and brown mushrooms will spawn in forest, plains, jungle, and even swamp biomes. No longer will you have to venture more than 200 blocks away just to examine a magnificent wonder that is a giant mushroom!

Aside from the aesthetic portion of this mod, this modalsohas a survival side that is in your favor. If you have ever stumbled upon a giant mushroom before, whether you found the mysterious mooshroom biome, or you managed to dig out enough space underground in order for giant mushrooms to spawn, you will know that each block, when destroyed, can drop anywhere between 1-2 mushrooms. If you were to stumble upon brown and red giant mushrooms, let’s just say that you are set for quite a while with the mushroom stew!

All in all, this mod is a pretty great mod for what it does. It brings back what once was, and also makes survival a tiny bit easier. Now for some screenshots of this mod.

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Giant Mushroom Spawn Mod

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