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I have always loved the snow. Actually, let me rephrase that – I love winter in general – especially a snowy winter. Everything is covered in snow, ranging from the grass in the lawns, all the way to the shingles on the houses. It’s essentially a wonderland out there. Sadly, I no longer experience this as I have moved to Florida, but that doesn’t mean I stopped loving snow. If only Minecraft was like this.

Sure, Minecraft has a snow biome, but it doesn’t really feel right. For one, the trees are still brown with green leaves on it. If you were to go to a place where it had just snowed, you would notice that the leaves on the trees are completely white because they are covered with snow, and have also froze. This is why theGlacia Mod came to be. TheGlacia Mod is a mod that adds a new dimension into the game – theGlacia dimension. Basically, this dimension is completely set apart from the normal overworld dimension, meaning that it shouldn’t interfere with your normal world whatsoever.

Unlike the snow biome in Minecraft, the Glacia dimension is all snow, and it will never run out of the white stuff. It’s essentially a winter wonderland that extends almost infinitely. Also, unlike the snow biome, the trees are white, and everything has a slight blue hue to it – including the dirt. This gives off a proper winter look, and it really feels as if it’s winter time in Minecraft. This mod also adds in several new mobs, and since the trees have a slight blue tint to them, this means that you should also have a new type of wood to work with, allowing you to make a properly themed winter home.

All in all, theGlacia Mod is a pretty amazing mod, an dis recommended for anyone would like to make Minecraft feel more winter-like, as well as wanting Minecraft to have more items to play around with.

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