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Glowstone in Minecraft is nice, but the problem with it, it that it’s incredibly rare and inefficient in my opinion. First of all, in order to use it, you must have at least four piece of glowstone dust. After that, you are essentially lighting up the same area a normal torch could light up, but the difference is that torches only cost a quarter piece of coal. If only there was a way to make glowstone more efficient.

Thankfully, there is, thanks to theGlowstone Wire Mod! TheGlowstone Wire Mod is mod that makes it so you can place normal glowstone dust on the ground, similar to how you can place redstone dust on the ground. The difference between glowstone wire and redstone wire, however, is that glowstone wire lights the area up quite a bit compared to redstone, and in addition to that, glowstone wire also has a yellow color to it.

This mod is pretty useful for survival. Sure, glowstone is rare and hard to get at first, but as soon as you have access to the Nether, you should have tons of glowstone. In fact, you might even have a chest full of it. Rather than cutting your glowstone supply down by a quarter, you can just use glowstone dust itself. This can be pretty useful for making trails back to your house, or important areas, such as an ore-rich cavern, or even a ravine that you might want to revisit sometime.

All in all, theGlowstone Wire Mod is a pretty nice mod, and is recommended for anyone who would like to make glowstone more efficient, or would generally just want to make a trail back to their home, preventing them from getting lost.

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Glowstone Wire Mod

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1.7.2 1.7.10
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