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Goblins and Giants Mod – Add more aggressive mobs in your game to increase the difficulty, and add to theatmosphere Night time has just gotten a whole lot scarier!

Minecraft mobs have gotten too easy. It’s almost impossible to die by them now because, after a while of playing, you will learn how to counter all of the attacks quite easily. The mobs present no real threat, even on hard, and they can really only kill you if you get ambushed, and even then, the chances ofsurvivingare quite high.

Then there’s the Goblins and Giants mod. TheGoblinsand Giants mod isa modthat aims to add several mobs that you are unfamiliar with, making the game slightly harder. After all, if you don’t know what the mob does, countering it is harder. Here’s a list of the mobs that this mod adds to the game:

  • Vampires
    • Burns in daylight.
    • Drops blood, which can be crafted into redstone if you put it in the crafting table.
  • Dwarves
    • Spawn in their own type of NPC village.
  • Werewolves
    • Drop pork.
  • Pigmen
    • Pigs, except they are standing upgright.
    • Drop more pork than pigs.
  • Goblins
    • Small greeen creatures that attack you.
  • Giant
    • A Neutral mob; does not attack you unless you attack him.
    • Every time you attack the giant, he will become more powerful.

Quite a bit of new mobs right? It will take a while getting used to them, so have fun!

All in all, this mod strives to make you play against mobs you are unfamiliar with, in hopes of making the game harder. In my opinion, this is better than “Harder difficulty” mods because not only does it make the game harder in a more unique way, but also adds fresh faces into the game. If you feel the same way, then this mod is for you!

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Goblins and Giants Mod

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