Gravitation Suite Mod


Gravitation Suite Mod – Add a suite that allows you to fly and whatnot into the game with this mod!

Playing Minecraft in survival was really fun, but after a while, it got fairly primitive. You’re basically fighting to stay alive, and not much more. Then, the industrial revolution was brought upon us through the IndustrialCraft mod. That mod was fun and whatnot, and allowed your player to thrive, rather than survive. Now, since you’re thriving, there lies something else in the nearfuturefor you todiscover.

That item that you have yet to discover will be theGravitation Suite Mod. TheGravitation Suite Mod is a mod that adds a couple of new suites into the game that allow you to do various items, such as storing energy, as well as discharging the energy. The main focus of this mod though, is being able to fly with the suits.

As you can imagine, flying with the suits is a complete lifesaver in survival. The only downside to them is that they require energy, but the good news is that they will only discharge energy if you have them enabled through the “F” key. This means that you can leave them disabled until you need it. For example, let’s say that you decided to go mine, and you got caught in the darkbecauseyou weren’t paying attention to the time. Unfortunately, it’s not just apleasantwalk home because of the fact that you had to go through a forest and the ocean. Rather than going through the forest, which is incredibly dangerous if done during the night, and swimming through the ocean, which takes forever to do, you can just simply fly over the forest and ocean, and get come safely.

All in all, this mod is pretty nice. It requires you to have IndustrialCraft installed, but other than that, it’s an install-and-go sort of mod. The crafting recipes are slightly expensive, but you can manage if you played IndustrialCraft for a while.

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Gravitation Suite Mod

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