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Minecraft has been lacking in the nature area. Sure, you can put whatever you want, but in the end, to the nature aspect of Minecraft really can’t complement your buildings, resulting in an overall loss in aesthetic appeal. in addition to anesthetic will, Minecraft is also lacking in different types of blogs as well. For example, in real life, there is something called compressed dirt, which is basically, well, dirt that is well packed.

Luckily, there is theGreen Thumb Mod to fix this. TheGreen Thumb Mod is a mod that makes it so Minecraft has a much better aspect when it comes to nature. This model accomplishes this by adding several new blocks, such as packed dirt, ender blocks, mud, tar, and even a new type of torch. Overall, this mod is meant to supplement Minecraft’s previous system, and expand upon it.

This mod can be very useful for survival. for example, let’s say that for some reason you can’t find coal anymore, but due to your previous adventure to the Nether, you somehow have a lot of glowstone. thanks this mod, you can make torches out of glowstone, meaning that you don’t have to waste more time trying to find coal.

All in all, theGreen Thumb Mod is a fairly nice mine, it is recommended for anyone that would like to expand upon Minecraft in a more naturalistic way per se, and would like to do so without really affecting the game too much, meaning that you don’t really change the atmosphere as much.

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