Gregs Lighting Mod


Gregs Lighting Mod – Add a flood light into your game that makes even 20 block high rooms bright!

Minecraft’s torches are nice and all, but they only light up rooms to a certain point. You will end up filling your entire house with torches, and what’s even worse, you have to put them near the ground in order for them to light up the room at all. This means that you can’t have any complex and hidden light setups going on, meaning that the torches will be seen no matter what, ultimately leading to the fact that your house will always be cluttered with torches,

That was the case, untilGregs Lighting Mod came to be.Gregs Lighting Mod is a mod that adds a flood light into the game, or a light that lights up the room in a vertical fashion. Radius wise, the light is the same as the torch’s, but on the other hand, the vertical height that this light covers triples that of a torch! This means that you can have ceiling lights that can be well hidden, and at the same time, still be able to light up the room adequately!

This mod is particularly useful for tall rooms. Let’s say that you have astorageroom that extends about 15 blocks high. Without this mod, you will end up having to place a torch after ever 5 blocks, making a really cluttered and unprofessional look. Thanks to this mod, you can just rig the ceiling up with a couple of these lights, and what you should have is a professional, warehouse-looking feel!

In conclusion, this mod is great, and should be incorporated into the game somehow. Anyways, if you’re looking for a flood light of some sort, then this modisfor you.

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Gregs Lighting Mod

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