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Griefer Creepers Mod – Increase the difficulty of your game by making the creepers in Minecraft have more capabilities, thus decreasing your chance of survivability!

Stock Minecraft creepers have become too bland and dull. Think about it. All they do is create a small crater, and then you can be off on your merry way. there’s no really challenge to fighting creepers. Either you slay them, or they blow up on you, but even then, if you were to back away the last second, you should be fine.

This mod changes that pattern up a bit. The griefer creepers mod is a mod that changes the way creepers explode, in that they make creepers approximately 10 times harder, and maybe about a 40% chance that you will die. How so? Well, for one, when the creeper explodes now, rather than blowing itself up, the creeper will disintegrate into 100 arrows going straight up.

“Just arrows man? What’s the big deal about that? I can just dig a hole, and I’ve perfectly set!” Not so fast! out of those 100 arrows, 25 of those arrows are fire arrows, and if they hit you, you will be set on fire. Still not so bad? Well, think again! The other 75 arrows are explosive arrows! They will demolish theenvironmentaround you, and will most likely damage you too! How’s that for a challenge? Just imagine being ambushed by three or more creepers. the possibility of surviving is very slim!

All in all, the griefer creepers mod is recommended for anyone who would like to have more of a challenge when fighting creepers.

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Griefer Creepers Mod

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