Grimoire of Gaia 2 Mod


Grimoire of Gaia 2 Mod – Add several news mobs with this mod!

Do you like legends? Do you want more mobs in MineCraft? than this is the mod for you.
The Grimoire Of Gaia 2 mod adds 41 mobs and 3 different chest.The mobs that spawn underground
are Creeper Girl,Ender Girl, Possessed Sword,Slime Girl,Bone Knight,Flesh Lich,Mimic,Stone
Golem and Wither Cow. Mobs that spawn in the forest are the Dryad and the Spriggan. The Basilisk,

Sphinx, anubis and Harpy spawn in the desert. Centaur, Minatarous, and Minatour spawn in the plains

The Naga, Siren,and witch spawn in swamps,the witch is a diffrent witch that is not the on that is
include in MineCraft already. In the jungle Cobble Golems,Hunters,and Shamans spawn. The only mob that
spawns in the ice plains is the Jiang Shi. In the ice forest the Yeti, Maid ,Yuki-Onna, and the
well known Vampire.

In the extreme hills Valkyrie, Dullahan and Banshee spawn. The mobs that spawnin the ocean are Sahuagin, Mermaids, and Giga Knights. In the nether succubus and baphomet and Lastin the end the Ender Dragon Girl spawns. The Vampire, Valkyrie ,and sphynx can summon other mobs.the vampire can summon Butlers which willattackandprotecttheirmasters, the Valkyrie summons Battle
Spirits, the Spynx will summon sand spirits.

There are 4 peacful mob spawns Peaceful Creeper Girl which sells TNT, Peaceful Ender Girl that sells eyes of ender, Peacful Slime girl that sels magma creme, and themerchant that sells Iron, Gold Ingots, Diamond Shards and Diamonds.So if you want to make your game a little morefun i recommend this mod because the majority of these mobs are extremely hard to defeat so enjoy.

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Grimoire of Gaia 2 Mod

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