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Growth Scepter Mod – Is getting all that bonemeal from skeletons tiring, and wish there was a more convenient alternative? Then this mod is for you!

The Growth Scepter Mod is a mod for Minecraft that removes the need to collect bonemeal. Well, at least for a very long time. The Growth Scepter itself has 750 uses, compared to bonemeal, which is a one time use only item. This means that you will not need to go outside at night any more, attempting to find some skeletons. The only drawback of this mod is the crafting recipes, which is:

That’s right. You need a golden apple to make the Scepter. Apples are fairly easy to find, but to make a golden apple, you will need to surround an apple with 8 golden blocks (yes, golden blocks, not ingots), meaning you will need 72 golden ingots. Perhaps you can semi-cheat and just spawn a golden apple using an inventory editor such as TooManyItems, but to craft the scepter itself completely legitimately is a challenge. Other than that though, 750 uses will last you quite a while, and it is up to you to decide if mining 72 golden ingots is worth it. Now for some screenshots of the scepter.

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Growth Scepter Mod

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