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Harcore Enderdragon Mod – If you think he was going to stay down, you’re dead wrong, he’s back and stronger than ever. Prepare yourself.

Did you really think his end was the end? You’re wrong. If you’ve defeated him once and thought he was easy, try it again with this mod to see how you can really pitch against a dragon with the power of knowledge. The mod features a learning AI that is implemented into the dragon and the dragon learns as the fight grows longer. Once it learns your tactic, it will change it’s tactic to throw you off and give himself a new advantage. Although, the basic AI itself is very complex to fight against, making it incredibly fun to learn and improve yourself against the dragon. The mod increases the difficulty of the dragon by adding new attacks and some special events that you’ll have to dodge or fight against in order to keep yourself alive. The basic attacks have been buffed up and harder to deal with when it comes to combat. He gets a new stealthy attack where he silently punches or bites you if you decide to look away from him. If you get to close to his mouth, he will attack you by biting and has a chance of applying a random defect. The last buff that he gets to his basic attack is that he will attack the weakest player if you’re playing in multiplayer with a friend.

The mod has implemented some new melee attacks, ranged assaults that can apply hinders to your character, and even some special sequence events that can occur depending on what you do to trigger the events. Sometimes it can happen randomly or you’ll have to manually activate the events through the environment that you’re in. An example is if you destroy a crystal that is the power source of the Enderdragon, the two events will occur, the loyal Enderman servants will become enraged and attack you, while the Enderdragon channels its rage into a fury of TnT explosions that are fired at you. Time yourself if you decide to destroy the crystals, as you destroy more, he’ll become angrier and tougher to deal with. Once most of the crystals have been destroyed, a few new events will happen, the Enderdragon will become fully enraged and will tamper with your settings, you won’t be able to change your difficulty anymore, that’s one thing. I hope that’s scared you enough, because that feature just makes me afraid of destroying those crystals. Other features include the ranged fire or freezeballs to become more frequent and quicker when fired, his other special and basic attacks will also become more frequent, the obsidian towers will become scattered if the Enderdragon flies through them, and destroying most of the crystals will start triggering his special attacks.

I will cover the the most satisfying part of this mod which are the rewards. If there is going to be a very difficult fight with a huge monsters, there has to be huge rewards. These rewards you get from the Enderdragon are all valued and depends on what difficulty setting that you’ve been fighting him in. It’s is also determined by deaths and failures that you’ve collected when you’ve attempted to defeat him. It all comes down to a simple statement, the better you perform against him, the better the rewards. The lowest value you could get from fighting him is well, a troll statement. Which is a giant “LOL” made of cobblestone. Well, have fun with that reward. If you perform well enough, you can get reward values of high measures such as, 6 experience bottles and 15 enchanted books. These enchanted books contain very strong enchantments that you usually wouldn’t be able to get through the regular enchantment table. Fifteen of those enchanted books is well worth the fight.

Lastly, I will list the special attacks that I’ve been rambling on about throughout the post.


The Enderdragon flies to a great height and when he reaches his objective height, he charges downwards at a great speed of 3.5x, destroying a large chunk of land and then proceeds to attack from below.


The Enderdragon flies into the air and almost stops midair, then takes aim. He proceeds to repeatedly fireballs at the player, slowly following him until it can fly no more. The amount of fireballs fired and speed of the fireballs depend on the difficulty you’re in. You’re able to hide behind cover in order to stop the assault before he starts. A special feature of this attack is if you’re in water, his sequence will quickly change to the attack sequence, Divebomb.

Bite Madness

The Enderdragon starts a frenzy of biting attacks that applies defects to your character, making it harder to attack and retreat from him. You have the option to attack him in order to stop the attack quicker.

Punch (Skullbash)

During the first peaceful phase of the Enderdragon, he’ll keep his distance from the player and then charges that the player to deal a great amount of velocity damage entities that make contact.


A basic attack that connects with another that makes this a special attack. The Enderdragon fires a freezeball at the player in order to slow the player’s movement, and then quickly prepares for his next attack that is unavoidable due to the slow that the freezeballs apply.


The Enderdragon flies to a great height where ranged attacks can’t reach him, and then spawns enraged Endermans around the player. Each Enderman that is summoned from the special attack will come with a lightning effect.

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Hardcore Enderdragon Mod

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