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Hats Mod – Acquire the ability to wear any block on your head as a hat with this mod!

Customization of your character has always been fairly lacking in Minecraft. For starters, the only thing you can change is your skin, and people can easily copy that by looking up your Minecraft username, ripping your skin, and using it themselves. You can buy a Minecon ticket to get a cape for your character, but thats just too expensive for a little cape. When it comes right down to it, you can be unique, but it can easily be copied with almost no effort. Why not make it so you can wear a hat or something?

Hence, the Hats Mod was born. The Hats Mod is a mod that allows you to make your character look unique by allowing you to wear any block on your head. Though it may not sound like much at first, you will be surprised by the effects this mod has. You can wear, lets say, an emerald block on your head and people will not be able to copy you, unless they also have 9 emeralds to make an emerald block.

Even though this mod doesnt have much of a use in survival, it makes a big difference PVP wise. Lets say you have this mod installed on a PVP server that has over 30 people on at one time. You can make it so everybody in your faction has to wear a certain block to show that they are part of your faction. This way, you can distinguish between comrades and enemies right off of the bat, allowing for less friendly fire casualties. Sure, people can copy you, but if you can verify that they arent part of your faction, you can slay that player and steal the block he used.

All in all, this mod is very small, but still pretty nice. If you are looking for a mod that allows you to customize your player slightly more, then this mod is for you.

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