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I love archery in Minecraft. It’s really enjoyable firing the bow and arrows in this game, and it’s fun to take targets down from a distance. The problem, however, is that the bow and arrow in the normal version of Minecraft doesn’t do enough damage, and if you’re playing on the hard difficulty, it can take several shots in order to take out just one target. In addition to that, there’s only one type of arrow, meaning that you are fairly limited to what you can do with the bow.

Thanks to the hawkeye mod, however, you can now fire all kinds of arrows! The Hawkeye mod, dubbed the “sharpshooter mod”, is a mod that adds several different types of arrows into your game, meaning that you can do all kinds of stuff with your bow now. There is a drawback, however – you have to craft a different type of bow in order to use the arrows. This isn’t too big of a deal though because all you need to craft the new bow are three pieces of obsidian, and three pieces of string. The obsidian replaces the wooden sticks, allowing for a more refined bow that can shoot more arrows without breaking.

This mod adds several types of arrows, ranging from normal, but more powerful arrows, all the way to ender arrows. Let’s start with the fire arrows first though. With the fire arrows, you can fire an arrow that will set fire to practically anything it hits, meaning that you can light mobs on fire, allowing them to take damage over time. This allows you to focus down hordes of zombies by lighting them all on fire first, followed by well placed standard arrows. If you really want to shut down that horde of zombies, you can first light them on fire, followed by a lightning arrow, essentially taking out 3-5 zombies at a time. If you want, you can even do some advanced stuff, such as lighting the ground on fire instead, and making the zombies walk over the fire. Why stop there though? You can even light the entire forest on fire with one arrow, essentially wiping out any zombie – along with anything else – in that forest.

This might be cool and all, but you might be asking “what if I’m in a sticky situation? How will this mod help me then?” That’s a good question! This mod adds a new type of arrow called the ender arrow. This arrow allow you to teleport to the location you fired it at, meaning that you can quickly turn the tides of any battle if you’re quick enough. In addition to that, if you fire it at a 45 degree angle at max range at a high vantage point, you can essentially scale a large amount of terrain in a very short period of time, meaning that going on adventures and coming back should be considerably easier and faster as well.

In conclusion, this mod is really nice, and is recommended for anyone who would like to make it so they can take full advantage of their archery skills, and battle in ways that were seemingly impossible to do with the normal bow that comes with Minecraft.

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