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Helicopter Mod – Ever wanted to roam the skies in Minecraft with precision and style? Then this mod is for you!

The Helicopter Mod is a mod for Minecraft that adds, you guessed it, a helicopter in-game. I have to say too, that in my opinion, it’s one of my favorite mods. The helicopter is incredibly easy to control, and the crafting recipe makes it so you can get this helicopter fairly early in the game. The crafting recipe is as follows:

See? It’s not hard to craft the helicopter. However, if you ask me, it’s too easy for what it offers. I mean, this helicopter allows you to roam the land at a fast rate, all without depleting your hunger, has incredible precision and flexibility, unlike Flan’s Plane Mod. Don’t get me wrong now. Flan’s Plane Mod is good, but let’s be honest, it’s resource intensive and doesn’t offer much flexibility, as in you have make very wide turns just to turn around. With this mod, you don’t need coal or to craft missiles to use them, and you can make 360 degree turns or more in the same spot. Now for the controls.

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Helicopter Mod

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