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Farming in Minecraft has always been fairly lacking. Mainly because most of the items you farm only have 1 or 2 uses, and after that, that’s pretty much it. What if I told you that there’s this “herb” that you can add to your game that has a ton of uses, allowing for more development in the farming portion of Minecraft? Oh, you think I’m lying? Well, guess again!

Introducing, theHerblore Mod! TheHerblore Mod mod is a mod that adds a herb into a game that I’m sure most of you are familiar with. Well anyways, unlike the other crops, which only have 1-2 uses, the herblore mod adds a crop that has a variety of uses, ranging from edible food, to items that give you buffs. What’s even cooler is the entire process to making those edibles and items. In my opinion, making the edibles and items is half the fun!

All in all, this mod is pretty, well, “unique”, in that you can do a variety of stuff with just one herb. If that’s the kind of mod you’re looking for, then this mod will not fail to disappoint.

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