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Herobrine Mod – Unleash the mythical beast with several powers that once haunted many Minecraft players into your game with this mod! Be sure to be prepared for a world of pain!

Herobrine. You keep hearing about him everywhere. Every major update, there’s always a “removed Herobrine” items listed on the changelog. You begin to question if he’s really in the game or not. Well, in the end, Notch confirmed that it’s a hoax, and he’s just playing with his fans.

That doesn’t mean that Herobrine shouldn’t be in your game. Thanks to the Herobrine mod, you can now summon Herobrine into your game, who in turn will wreak havoc in your world throughseeminglyparanormal ways, such as explosions, and appearing, then suddenly disappearing. If you install this mod on one of your friend’s games without them knowing, be sure they have another pair of pants first!

In order to summon the mythical Herobrine into your game, you will need to create the statue below, which consists of two gold blocks, the Herobrine black, and then a lit netherrack block. In order to craft the Herobrine block, all you have to do is surround soul sand with bones in the crafting table. As soon as you light the netherrack, Herobrine should be summoned. If you are pranking one of your friends though, just enable prank mode in the configuration file, and you won’t have to create the totem.

All in all, this mod is a great mod for you if you would like to experience the wrath of Herobrine, or would like to give your friends a reason to hate you! Just kidding. Your friends will still be cool with you, after they change their pants from seeing Herobrine with their own eyes that it.

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Herobrine Mod

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1.7.2 1.7.10
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