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Exploring in Minecraft is becoming pretty stale. In the beginning, it was really fun, mainly because of all the biome transitions and whatnot. In addition, the terrain generation makes sure that you will never see the same terrain more than once, allowing for a unique experience, no matter how many times you explore. The problem is, however, is that there isnt much to see anymore. Whenever I explore, all I see are trees on grass for the most part, and the worst part is, they all sort of look the same, despite having different terrain features, such as hills.

Thanks to the Highlands Mod, this is now a thing of the past. The Highlands Mod is a mod for Minecraft that adds several different biomes and tree types in the game. By several, I mean several. This mod adds exactly a whopping 38 new biomes, and 12 new tree types into the game! If you think about it, thats a lot of time to spend exploring. Lets say that you spend 10 minutes on each biome, and 10 minutes is a fair amount to spend. Thats already 380 minutes of time spent exploring! If you take the time it takes to find all the biomes into consideration, thats easily 450 minutes of play time right there! Pretty impressive for a mod!

Unlike other mods, this mods biomes are also a sight to see, despite the sheer amount of them. For example, one biome involves mountains with streams of water running between the mountains. In addition, there are islands, valleys, and more lakes. Essentially, this mod has it all when it comes to biomes!

In conclusion, this mod is amazing, and I think that this mod should be included into normal Minecraft, or at least include some of the features that this mod has to offer, such as valleys and lakes. Anyways, if youre looking for a mod that adds more biomes in Minecraft, then this mod is for you.



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