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The atmosphere in Minecraft is really nice, but at times I yearn for more RPG like atmosphere. Ever since I watch this anime called Sword Art Online, I always wanted a game where you can interact with the NPC’s, as well as make them look more humanlike.

Thanks to the human mobs mod, this is now a reality.The Human mobs mod is a mod for Minecraft that alters all of the mobs so they look more humanlike in appearance. In addition of that, you can talk to the mobs, essentially adding more RPG like atmosphere to the game. In addition to that, you can even befriend some of the mobs. Normally you can do this Minecraft but thanks for this mod is now a reality.

This mod doesn’t have much of a use in survival, but it’s still nice addition nevertheless. For example, you can befriend creepers, rather than slaying them instantly. Is a nice change for once, because fighting creepers is mildly annoying, mainly because of what they do to the environment. I don’t know about you, but I always end up having to fix it, because I like a nice looking environment.

All in all, human Marchmont is a very nice mod, and is recommended for anyone who is looking for an RPG like atmosphere in their game. Add an RPG texture pack into the equation, and you’re all set.



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Human Mobs Mod

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