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Human Mobs Mod – Turn all the mobs in Minecraft into human form! Recommended for players who enjoy RPG-style games, and would like to apply it to Minecraft!

Minecraft mobs are nice and all, but they can get quite boring after a while. After hours of playing with them, you kind of wish they could change up a little bit. In the overworld, five types of mobs spawn, and on top of that, they all look like monsters, so you get a sense oflonelinessin your game. Sure, you can go live with some villagers, but they don’t look like another player though.

Then there’s the Human Mobs Mod. The Human mobs mod is a mod that makes ti so you can change all of the mob models into that of player models. The cool part is that the original skin that they had still lingers through a little bit, meaning that you can distinguish who the skeletons are, and who the spiders are. The main difference though is that the mobs look human now, and considering the eyes they have, you can even say they are from an anime.

There will be a problem you will encounter though, and that is the fact that the mobs are still hostile towards you, which can get quite aggravating considering that they are attacking you for no reason despite being human. A quick fix for this would be installing the “Mob Talker Mod”, which is a mod that makes it so you can chat with mobs, meaning that you can actually befriend mobs. This, combined with the human mobs mod, can create an RPG-like experience like no other.

All in all, this mod is great, and is recommended for anyone who would like to change most of the mobs in Minecraft into humans, whether it be for an intent to have an RPG like game, or would just like to see something new.

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Human Mobs Mod

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