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Human Villagers Mod – Ever wanted your villagers to resemble a person rather than aliens from another planet? Then this mod is for you!

TheHuman Villagers Mod is a mod for Minecraft that changes the default model of the Testifcates, or villagers, to one that suits the game better. Rather than having a big-nosed person dressed in a leather hat complete with a leather robe, you can now play with models that resemble a human mob, or Steve. Now, if you want to live inside of the village alongside the villagers, you will now fit in more! On top of that, there are different textures of villagers too, so not all of them will look alike, similar to how there were different type of Testificates, such as blacksmiths and priests.

All in all, this mod doesn’t really add any features in the game that would otherwise change your game, but this slight change is still pretty nice. If you are one of those people that were bothered by the Testificate model, and would rather have a more aesthetic looking model that suits the game as a villager, then this mod is recommended for you! Now for some screenshots of the mod.

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Human Villagers Mod

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