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Hunger Games Mod – Ever wanted to reenact the popular Movie and book trilogy in Minecraft? then thismodisfor you!

TheHunger Games Mod is a mod for Minecraft that adds hunger games mechanics in the game. This means that each player is placed on a single and individual platform, and a countdown timer starts. Once the timer reaches zero, the player can then hop off of the platform and either go gather some materials for survival, and get better prepared for future encounters, or battle it out with other player on the spot.

Unfortunately, organizing this game mode in Multiplayer can be a mess, and you might also need quite a few people in order to experience the full thrill of that game mode. Thanks to this mod, however, you can now play against AI in your single player world, allowing for you to play with bots even if your friends aren’t on.

All in all, this mod is an amazing mod for anyone who would like the experience a hunger games type of gameplay in Minecraft. now for some screenshots of the mod.

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Hunger Games Mod

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