ICBM Mod – Add new explosives never before seen in minecraft. Make a bigger bang then possible with TNT.

Are you a TNT maniac in minecraft? Well this mod adds a lot more then just anexplosiveblock you wait to see explode. The ICBM mod adds new explosives similar to TNT, and missiles. This mod adds 4 tiers ofexplosives some more deadly then the other, it also adds 26 weapons and items. The first tier includes the condensed explosive, shrapnel explosive, chemical explosive, anvil explosive, repulsive explosive andattractive explosive. The first tier of explosives is not as deadly and does not have a large range. The second tier of explosives include fragmentation explosive, contagiousexplosive, sonicexplosive, breachingexplosive,rejuvenatingexplosive, thermobaricexplosives. It also adds the s-mine, Anti-ballistic missile, cluster missile, and the homing missile. The third tier of explosives adds the nuclear cluster missile, nuclearexplosive, EMPexplosive, exothermicexplosive, endothermicexplosive, anti-gravitationalexplosive, ender explosive, and thehyper-sonicexplosive. The fourth tier and the most deadly set of explosives includes the red matter explosive and the anti matter explosive your into a surprise when you light these babies. Each of the explosives has missile, and each tier has a specific station to launch them from. The mechanisms that are added are the rocket launcher,Missile Launcher, Cruise Launcher, Radar Station, EMP Tower, and the Proximity Detector. The ICBM mod adds 21 more items for you to discover and manipulate. So have fun wrecking your map with these insane explosives.

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