Ice Cream Creepers Mod


Ice Cream Creepers Mod – The cold treatment that everyone wants!

Have a sweet tooth? Then come along onto the land of ice cream creepers. The Ice Cream Creepers mod is just what it is, a mod that implements creepers in the form of ice cream! They do not harm to the environment or you, they’re just their to scare you to darkness and then reward you with a pile of ice cream. The Ice Cream Creepers drop ice cream sandwiches or piles of ice cream that can eaten to replenish 1/2 of your hunger bar or you can decide to craft it into ice cream sandwiches. You can eat the ice cream alone, but you take the risk of getting a brain freeze that slows your movement for a small amount of time. Ice cream sandwiches replenish 3 points of your hunger bar and they come in six different flavors that are listed in one of the posted pictures below. The mod doesn’t help you in big ways nor does it harm you. It’s just their to give you a little something new and delicious.

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Ice Cream Creepers Mod

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