Ice Cream Mod


Ice cream mod – Add a new tools, weapons, armor and a tasty snack with the Ice Cream mod.

Do you want to add somethingdifferent into your game? then the Ice cream mod is for you. The ice cream mod adds twenty five and three newachievements. The items that are added are vanilla ice cream,chocolateice cream, strawberry ice cream,Neapolitan Ice Cream, mint ice cream, mint chocolate chip ice cream, ice cream shard, ice cream sword, ice creampickaxe, ice cream axe, ice cream shovel, super ice cream, ice cream armor, ice cream ore, vanilla chocolate swirl ice cream, vanilla strawberry swirl ice cream, strawberry chocolate swirl ice cream, ice cream dirt, ice cream block, ice cream plate, dog ice cream, bacon ice cream. Vanilla ice cream heals three and a half,Strawberry Ice Cream heals 4 hearts,Neapolitan Ice Cream heals 8 Hearts, Swiftness effect, Mint Ice Cream heals 4 Hearts,Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream heals 5.5 Hearts, Haste effect,Super Ice Cream heals 10 Hearts, Regeneration, Swiftness, and Fire Resistance effect,Vanilla Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream heals 6 Hearts, Jump effect,Vanilla Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream heals 6 Hearts, Jump effect,Vanilla Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream heals 6 Hearts, Night Vision effectStrawberry Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream heals 6 Hearts, Invisibility effect.A mob that is added the possessed ice cream which has ten hearts and deals four hearts worth of damage. It also adds the ice cream biome and threeachievements. Now that you know a little about this mod build a ice cream house, go ice cream hunting, look for the ice cream biome.

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Ice Cream Mod

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Compatible Minecraft Version
1.8 1.7.10 1.6.4 1.5.2
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