Improved First Person View Mod


Improved First Person View Mod – Ever wish that the first person view in Minecraft was a little more realistic? Then this mod is for you!

TheImproved First Person View Mod is a mod for Minecraft the changes the way the first-person view in Minecraft renders. Rather than your person rendering out as just a fist in a first-person perspective, this mod will render your person out completely, making it so when you look down, you will be able to see your whole body. Basically, it adds realism to the game, and all of the items in your hand will move accordingly too, in that they will not be a steady, similar to as if you were to hold something casually in real life. On top of that, the maps will render out fully, meaning that you can peek at someone else’s map. This would prove to be useful for those times were you’re traveling with friends, but you only have one map.

This mod is more of a cosmetic mod rather than a mod that has any use in the survival mode of Minecraft, but the cosmetic difference adds a lot of realism in the game. If you’re the kind of person that likes to make cinematic Minecraft videos that involve you running around the landscape, or would just like to add more realism in the game, then this mod is definitely recommended for you.

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Improved First Person View Mod

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