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Infernal Mobs Mod- Increase the difficulty of normal mobs in Minecraft tenfold with this mod!

The normal mobs in Minecraft are too easy. Once you have at least a full set of iron armor, it’s pretty hard to become overrun by even a horde of over 15 zombies, even if you’re on hard. Trust me, I’ve been there and done that. Once you get diamond armor, you’re practically invincible.

Why not change that up a bit? Try out the Infernal Mobs mod, a mod that buffs the normal mobs in the game, making them incredibly powerful, along with some new abilities, such as sprinting, charging, and even causing minor explosions. These willdefinitelymake your gameharder Even though these mobs are somewhat rare, they are hard to defeat.

Defeating an infernal mob will yield quadruple experience points compared to their normal counterpart, and will additionally drop a randomly enchanted item. This could range anywhere from a wooden shovel that has a level 1 enchantment, to a diamond sword with a level 5 enchantment. “That’s kind of unfair, don’t you think?” Not really. I say this because, judging by the video below, you will spend quite a bit of time fending off just one infernal mob. If you ask me, a diamond sword as a reward is fair!

All in all, this mod is a great mod for anyone seeking a challenge when it comes to fighting against mobs.

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Infernal Mobs Mod

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