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Instant House Mod – Craft a house that can be placed into the ground for an instant shelter!

Traveling in Minecraft can be very troublesome. It’s kind of hard to travel too far from home because of the fact that there’s little to no shelter in the wilderness. and living in a hole really isn’t all that desirable. Even though it’s just a temporary home, it’s still pretty bad, and on top of that, you can’t sleep. Otherwise, your spawn pointwillreset because you’re bound to break that bed to bring with you. Not really a desirable thing to do.

That’s why you should get theInstant House Mod. TheInstant House Mod is a mod that makes it so you can craft a block that, when placed on the ground, creates a house out of seemingly nowhere. This is useful if you’re the type that travels often, or useful if maybe, all you wanted to do was to create an extra room for your house without putting forth any effort in order to create the new room.

Anyways, this mod is incredibly useful for survival, or more so adventuring. If you like to adventure, and adventure often, chances are, you stray away so far from your home, that you can’t make it back there in one day, even if you’re sprinting. Without this mod, you will end up having to stay in a cave, staring at darkness. Thanks to this mod, however, you can live in luxury. On top of that, you can actually sleep at night because you won’t need to break the bed. After all, I’d rather respawn inside a house, than in a cave that will make me lose my bearing.

In conclusion, theInstant House Mod is a very nice mod, and is recommended for adventurers who would like to live in luxury, or would like some backup houses. After all, more houses in Minecraft is always a good thing!

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