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Invasion Mod


Name Invasion Mod
Date Added December 13, 2016
Article By BlueOrchard
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Article By BlueOrchard

December 13, 2016

The Invasion Mod is a mod for Minecraft that turns your fort, castle, or whatever structure you set up, into a tower that you have to defend from an onslaught of mobs. These mobs are as follows:

  • Zombies (Normal, and can destroy blocks.)
  • Tier 2 Zombies (Has armor and sometimes carries a sword.)
  • Spider (Normal. Can also climb walls.)
  • Tier 2 Spider (Much faster, and can pounce much further.)
  • Skeleton (Normal, just like the vanilla Minecraft skeletons.)
  • Siege Mob (Does a ton of damage. It can also throw boulder.)
  • Pig Engineer (Builds contraptions to get past your defenses.)
  • Zombie Pigman (Normal. Same as the default (vanilla) Minecraft zombie pigmen.)

Yeah, those are the mobs! Anyways, to start the game of tower defense, you will have to craft the nexus and charge it up by placing a catalyst inside of it (right click the nexus). After that, the nexus will generate this stuff called “glowing remnants”. With this, you can create “Rift Flux” which in turn can be crafted into diamonds, redstone, iron, and even lapis lazuli. It’s a pretty useful way to get diamonds without needing to go mining, but at the same time, an equally hard way because mobs will attempt to destroy the nexus, and if they succeed, the nexus will explode, killing all the mobs around it, along with you. You can also make a sword and bow that has special abilities, such as a sword that can heal you, but if you want more information of these, or want to know how to craft the nexus, visit the official forums posy (link below). Now for some screenshots.

Here is a screenshot showcasing the mod:

Thumbnail of: Invasion Mod


Here's a video of the Invasion Mod in action.

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