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Inventory Tweak Mod – Organize your inventory with speed andefficiency!

Organizing your inventory is just too plain tedious! I mean, it takes forever to get everything all neat looking, and if you go mining, all that organization begins to get lost, and it is a matter of life and death down there too! Leave your inventory up on the screen for too long, and you will end up getting ambushed by mobs! On the flip side, however, not having an organized inventory will make it harder to find certain items such as coal for more wood, or switching to that spare pickaxe you have after the one you were using broke. Don’t you just wish you could have the best of both worlds?

Well now you can thanks to this mod! The inventory tweaks mod is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to managing and maintaining your inventory. To put in perspective, here’s what this mod has to offer over the normal Minecraft inventory:

  • Automatic replacing of tools if the tool you are using breaks. This means that you can blow through 3 pickaxes without even having to open your inventory up at all. Useful for you folks that like to use golden pickaxes due to their speed
  • You can instantly sort your inventory and chests with a press of a button! Think about it! Rather than sorting items by their type or item ID manually, you can just press a button (configurable), and this mod will handle the rest! In addition, you can configure the way this mod sorts items, allowing for a perfect inventory for almost any scenario! I’ll let that simmer for a bit.
  • Configurable shortcuts that allow you to move items around at the speed of light!

Did I mention that this mod is completely client-side? This means that you can install this mod on your client, and it will still be usable on servers! You will be forever known as the mining king on the server you go to with this mod installed! People will start saying stuff like, “how does he switch between pickaxe so fast?” and “how come he never even stops to find his torches in his inventory?”

In conclusion, this mod is definitely recommended for anyone who has or had trouble with messy inventories, or for people who have slight OCD. Now for some videos of the mod.

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Inventory Tweak Mod

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Compatible Minecraft Version
1.9.4 1.10
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