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Do you like hamsters? Do you want to add hamsters to your game? Well do i have the mod for you, the invincible hamsters mod adds hamsters that are well invincible. Thehamstersthat are added into your game are most likely to spawn in the plains, so be careful if you build a home in the plains ,especiallyif it has iron bars.The hamsters have a never ending hunger and hatred toward iron bars if they sense iron bars they willimmediatelydevour them destroying your structure, if there is an iron bar in a 10 block radius it will destroy it. These hamsters do not start off invincible, so you can get rid of some of the pest that are shewing up your house, to make a hamster invincible you just have to tame it. To tame a hamster you all you have to do is give it some flowers, this will transform it into yourinvinciblelittle pet. Be careful just because you tamed a hamster that does not mean it will not eat your iron bars, it willimmediatelyteleport and devour them so good luck.


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Invincible Hamsters Mod

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