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iPod Mod – Add several apps into your game to help you out on your journey to become the best Minecraft player that ever played the game!

Minecraft has been lacking something from the very beginning, and that’s iPods. In real life, you see themeverywhere and people are constantly using them. Some of them don’t even listen to music on them. What I’m saying is that iPods have more uses than just music now, ever since Apple came out with the App Store. You can say that iPods also allow people to complete their daily tasks moreefficiently.

Why not be able to do the same in Minecraft? TheiPod Mod is a mod that does just that. TheiPod Mod, despite being called an iPod, isn’t based around music like the boombox mod, or the Shoutcast radio mod. Instead, it is based around the apps that the iPod has. This mod adds several different types of apps to help you when playing the game. Here’s the list of apps added:

  • Name App – Gives you information about stuff.
  • Time App – Allows you to set the world time to day or night.
  • Music App – Allows you to play music.
  • Menu App – Shows a menu.
  • Help App – Helps you around the interface of the iPod.
  • TNT App – Blowsanythingyou are looking at up.
  • TP App – Allows you to teleport to any location based on the coordinates.
  • Trash App – Allows you to destroy items you don’t need.
  • Pause App – Pauses the game.
  • Weather App – Allows you to control the weather.

That’s a lot of apps, am I right? As you can tell, most of the apps are meant to make your life in the game slightly easier, and more or less just help you out with all the tedious stuff, such as setting the time and weather, so I wouldn’t say that it’s downright cheating. Anyways, if you like iPods, and would also like to have more functionality in your game, then this mod is for you!

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