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Iron Chests Mod – Create chests that have even larger capacity than the normal chests in Minecraft! Running out of space will no longer happen!

Minecraft chests are great. They hold all of your items, and they also won’t reallydisappearoutofthe blue. The problem is, however, is that the chests don’t really carry that many items. Sure, you can build a double chest, but even then, the double chest will fill up rather quickly as well. You can also make several chests, but organization will be a problem, and you will end up having to make a specific room just for your chests.

The Iron chests mod aims to fix that. Rather than making several normal chests, and then making a new room for those chests, you can just make one chest that holds up to two times more than that of a double chest. That’s the equivalent of four normal sized chests, combined into one! If you ask me, that’s a huge space saver. On top of that, you can place these chests side by side because they won’t combine with one another, meaning that you can cut down on space greatly. Rather than making a huge storage room with over ten double chests in it, you can just make a very compact room with five of these chests.

Of course, that’s assuming you’re gonna be using the highest capacity. There are several levels to the chests. The lowest tier is the copper chest, which holds about two more rows than the normal chest. Next up would be the iron chest, which holds slightly more than the copper chest. After that would be the silver and gold chests, which also hold more than the iron chest. Lastly is the diamond chest, which holds the most out of the chests.

All in all, this mod is great, and is recommended for any person who has trouble keeping up with several chests, or would just like to be able to have a more compact storage room.

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Iron Chests Mod

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