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Jammy’s Furniture Mod – Have you ever wanted to decorate your house with decorative furniture? Now you can with this mod!

Jammy’s Furniture Mod adds small decorative furniture that you can craft and place all around your house, inside and outside. It adds all the normal furniture that you would have in a house, chairs, lights, and even toilets! You can create realistic living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms with the new furniture that this mod adds. You can even decorate the outside of your house with lamps and even add some heads of mobs on top of the door. Make your home comfy with a nice fireplace with a frame, and to make it look more fancy, add some heads from a creepers, pigs, spiders and every other mob! Make anything look fancy with the decorations. Of course, it’s never just as simple. The mod adds multiple new recipes into the game that really encourages to take a little more time to respect the mod by gathering resources and sacrificing some in order to give your home the dazzle you want it to have. This has almost everything you can get in the category of furniture. Starting from the shiny iron sets that gives the house a feeling of cold steel, or the nostalgic wood that says old school memories, it has it all.

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Jammy’s Furniture Mod

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